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William C. Jack Elementary School has been fortunate enough to host several J-1 teachers over the last few years. This specific group of teachers on campus have shared their culture and language with our students and community, which aligns with our Dual Language Immersion Program and our mission of creating multicultural students. The hard work and dedication of these teachers have led to positive behavior and academic outcomes. William C. Jack is a true representation of Glendale Elementary School District's "Mosaic of Minds", where we exemplify a diverse foundation for vibrant futures.

Kathryn Oczytko


The Intrax J-1 Teacher Program has provided our students with high quality educators that bring cultural experiences into the classroom. Our students and school communities have opportunities to expand their awareness and understanding of the world because of the positive interactions and activities provided by teachers from the J-1 Teacher Program. Our district's cultural awareness program has been enhanced by the collaboration with Intrax and their teachers. We recommend them as a visa sponsor because of their high ethical standards and commitment to ensuring a positive experience for teachers and their host schools.

Cera Doering, Ed.D.

Director - Recruitment & Partnerships, Office of Human Capital

It has been a pleasure being a part of the J-1 Teacher program. The program has allowed our students and staff to become more familiar with other cultures. The J-1 teachers have a love for learning and are always willing to share their cultural experiences with us. They create lessons that are of interest and engaging to students. I would recommend hosting a J-1 teacher to other schools because of the positive interactions I have had with the teachers, their willingness to learn and grow, and the diversity they bring to our campus community.

Dr. Marchelle Hasan


We are so fortunate to have native German-speaking teachers at our German immersion school! Not only do our international teachers provide invaluable opportunities for students to learn the German language and to communicate with native speakers, but they also contribute their diverse perspectives on teaching, learning, and life in general! Our entire school - the students, the staff, and the parents - benefit from the perspectives, experiences, and talents that our international teachers bring to our school and community.

Elizabeth Zehnpfennig


Working with Intrax was a great experience for our school. Finding a native speaker for our Spanish language program has been a blessing for our students. The passion and knowledge she has brought have opened up new avenues for our students and staff. Isle of Wight Academy would highly recommend bringing in a J-1 teacher to your school.

Mark A. Munford


We had the opportunity to work with Intrax to hire educators for our 23/24 school year. As a Dual Language school, we depend on finding qualified bilingual candidates through our connections with organizations like Intrax. They were amazing to work with and very responsive. We were able to screen various candidates we recommended but also hired candidates referred through their internal process. We have some amazing educators at Las Estrellas thanks to the dedication and follow-through... At one point, we were able to interview, hire, and have in country a qualified candidate within a 2-week period. I cannot speak enough about the support they provided, their responsiveness, and the cultural connections they encourage of their candidates. We are already considering our staffing for next year and will be partnering with Intrax as needs arise. Our teachers have such a wealth of experience within their home countries and they have enriched our school culture tremendously. Not only do they bring teaching experience from their home countries, but they also have rich cultural experiences to share. As a school with many immigrant families, these types of connections are essential for our students to see themselves reflected in the school.

Laura Gándara-Chavez

Assistant Principal

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