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J-1 Visa Teacher Program

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The J-1 Teacher program is a cultural exchange program which allows foreign teachers the opportunity to teach in accredited public or private primary and secondary schools in the United States for up to 5 years, typically starting with a 3-year program with options to extend.

The purpose of the J-1 Visa program is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and cultures between the USA and other countries. J-1 Teachers organize cross-cultural activities and share about their home culture with their host school and school community. They bring a new perspective to the school and allow their students to become more open-minded and learn about other cultures.

Intrax is a U.S. Department of State designated J-1 Visa sponsor. We provide visa sponsorship and on-program support for our teachers. Our global network coupled with local staff provides exceptional support for both you and your teachers from start to finish.

Build Talent Pool

Hire international teachers with teaching experience and degrees across various subjects including STEM, foreign language, and specialty subjects.

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Share Diversity

Bring diversity to the classroom with teachers from other countries, and broaden your students' knowledge of international culture and customs.

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Engage Globally

Create friendships and connections across borders, as well as opportunities for cultural exchanges and school partnerships worldwide.

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Reliable and reputable partner for you to recruit teachers, build a diverse school culture, and foster global connections.

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Hiring for the academic year

J-1 Teachers must start their program between July 1 and September 30th.


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Steps to become a host school

Becoming a host school for a J-1 Teacher program involves some steps and processes. Here's a step-by-step process that can guide you.

Get Familiar

Familiarize yourself with the program. Begin by researching the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program and its regulations. Understand the responsibilities and requirements associated with hosting J-1 exchange visitors in your school.

Reach Out

Reach out to us expressing your interest in becoming a host school. Inquire about the application process, requirements, and any specific documentation you may need.

Gather Required Documents

Prepare the necessary documentation required by Intrax including:

  • Documentation demonstrating that your school is accredited, approved, or recognized by an appropriate accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or a state or local government agency.
  • Details about your school, including its mission, educational programs, grade levels, curriculum, and facilities.
  • Available teaching positions, description of position, including subject areas, grade levels, and any specific requirements or qualifications.
  • Support and resources your school will provide to J-1 teachers, such as mentoring, professional development, logistical, and cultural integration.
Submit Application

Using our portal, complete and submit the application. Ensure that you include all the required documentation and information accurately.

Application Review

Intrax will review your application and assess your school's eligibility to participate in the program. We may also conduct a site visit to evaluate your school's suitability for hosting exchange teachers.

Host School Approval

If your application is approved, Intrax will appoint your school as an authorized host school for the J-1 Teacher program. You will receive an approval letter indicating your appointment.

Match & Placement

Work with Intrax to identify and recruit J-1 teachers who meet the program's eligibility criteria.

The Intrax J-1 Teacher Program has provided our students with high quality educators that bring cultural experiences into the classroom. Our students and school communities have opportunities to expand their awareness and understanding of the world because of the positive interactions and activities provided by teachers from the J-1 Teacher Program.

Cera Doering, Ed.D.

Director - Recruitment & Partnerships, Office of Human Capital

Working with K-12 American schools that nurture a global perspective

Build diversity and hire international teachers

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